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Complexed Mineral for Soil and Foliar Application

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PRODUCT INFORMATION: BIOMIN BORON contains complexed boron designed for soil and foliar application. Completely bioavailable and non-phytotoxic to plants when applied in accordance to directions. Designed to prevent and correct micronutrient deficiencies and to boost crops during critical or fast growing periods. May be applied with nitrogen fertilizer.

SOIL APPLICATION: BIOMIN BORON may be applied before or at planting through irrigation water, as banding or broadcast. The application rate is 1 quart-1 gallon per acre (2.5-10 litres per hectare) depending on crop, soil conditions and application methods. For maintenance, 1 quart per acre (2.5 litres per hectare) is recommended. BIOMIN BORON should be diluted with enough water to cover entire acre.

For best results, apply BIOMIN BORON when plants are in an active growing stage, after irrigation or rainfall. For Foliar application, it should be diluted with at least 100 times of water.

Biomin Boron May Be Applied To Fruit Trees, Field Crops, Vegetables, Greenhouse Crops, Potatoes, Grapes, Citrus, Ornamental, Gardens, Etc...

Product of a NATURAL Process with the Aid of Advanced Technologies

Chelation is a natural process. BIOMIN® takes advantage of this natural process which provides plants with stable chelated nutrients that will correct mineral deficiencies much quicker than conventional inorganic nutrients.

BIOMIN® are bioavailable organic plant nutrients resulting from a unique chelation of mineral nutrients with Amino Acids and natural organic acids. This patented chelation process allows nutrients to be utilized more efficiently by plants.

Advantages of Biomin®

1. Completely bioavailable micro-nutrients maximize yield and quality.
2. Homogeneous ripening with more flavored and high quality fruit.
3. Better absorption and easier translocation.
4. Better fruit-setting and less fruit dropping.
5. Non-phytotoxic to plants.
6. Certified for Organic use.
7. High purity.

Benefits of Using Biomin®

1. Fast correction of mineral nutrient deficiencies.
2. May significantly increase yield and economic benefits.
3. Earlier maturity of plants with better production.
4. More resistance to diseases and severe temperatures.

Always refer to actual product label for specific rates, instructions, and cautions.

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