Biomin Calcium

Amino Acid Chelated Mineral for Soil and Foliar Application

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Chelated Calcium

Biomin Calcium is a bioavailable plant nutrient. Biomin Calcium is created using an encapsulation of the mineral calcium with amino acids and natural organic acids. Under normal circumstances calcium is subject to being tied up by other chemicals in the soil. Our patented process prevents the inactivation of calcium from occurring. The amino acid and organic acid shells protect calcium from interaction with other chemicals normally found in the environment. After it is inside the plant, the calcium is released and the remaining amino acids are used by the plant as a slow release source of nitrogen. Since the nitrogen is slow release, and present in small amounts, it does not produce unwanted vegetative growth after the flowering stage.

Advantages of Biomin® Calcium

• Increases fruit firmness
• Increases fruit storage time
• Fast acting correction of deficiencies
• Rapid leaf uptake and utilization
• Compatible with most fertilizers and pesticides
• Non-phytotoxic to plants

Biomin Calcium is completely bioavailable and non-phytotoxic to plants when applied according to directions.

Biomin Calcium may be applied to all crops: field crops, fruit trees, berries, vegetables, potatoes, grapes, citrus, bananas, dates, ornamental and nursery plants as well as turf.

SOIL APPLICATION: BIOMIN CALCIUM can be applied before or at planting as banding or broadcast. The application rate is 1 quart-1 gallon per acre (2.5 to 10 liters/hectare) depending on soil conditions and application methods. For maintenance, 1 quart per acre (2.5 liters/hectare) is recommended. BIOMIN CALCIUM should be diluted with enough water to cover the entire acre.

Always refer to actual product label for specific rates, instructions, and cautions.

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