Click to enlargeOsmocote Time Release Plant Food

Osmocote products are complete extended time release fertilizers that provide continuous feeding for approximately 4 to 9 months. Please see individual product descriptions for more details.

Click to enlargeOsmocote 14-14-14Osmocote is a complete extended time release fertilizer that provides continuous feeding for approximately 120 days.

Osmocote 14-14-143 lb.

Osmocote 14-14-1450 lbs.

Click to enlargeOsmocote 19-6-12Osmocote Time Release 19-6-12 is the ideal plant food to use for both indoor and outdoor plants. The unique resin coated granules are safe for plants and easy to use. Within one week after application the soil moisture causes the granules to swell into plump capsules of liquified plant food, which continuously release nutrients for approximately 4 months. The constant availability of plant food results in more beautiful plants. Osmocote is extensively used by azalea, rhododendron, orchid, and rose hobbyists and by professional growers. The coated nutrients stay where you put them. Excessive watering or rain will not leach away the plant food, and it will not burn when used as directed.

Rate & Combination:
Established or bareroot roses use 1 1/2 tablespoons of Osmocote per foot of expected height at peak season. Vigorous climbers 12 tablespoons per plant.

Osmocote 19-6-1210 lbs.

Osmocote 18-6-1250 lbs., 9 month formulation


Always refer to actual product label for specific rates, instructions, and cautions.

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