Click to enlargePre Pair Granular Herbicide

Type: preemergence
Description and use:
Pre Pair combines the active ingredients Oxadiazon (Ronstar) and Napropamide (Devrinol) two broad spectrum preemergence herbicides. Its granular form is easy to apply with a broadcast spreader. This combination gives control for the widest range of annual grasses and broadleaf weeds in turf and landscape ornamentals including roses. Pre Pair granular controls weeds by killing young weed seedlings as they come in contact with the herbicide during germination.

Controls or prevents:

  • Annual grasses:
    Barnyardgrass, Annual bluegrass, large and smooth Crabgrass, Cheatgrass, Downey Brome, Fall, & Texas panicum, Bristly, Giant, Green, Robust & Yellow Foxtails, Guineagrass, Goosegrass, Johnsongrass, Junglerice, Mexican & orcutt lovegrass, Italian ryegrass, Ripgut brome, Sandbur, Southwestern cupgrass, Stinkgrass, Signalgrass, Sprangletop, Wild oats, Wild barley, Witchgrass Annual sedge.
  • Broadleaf weeds:
    Bittercress, Bristly oxtongue, Carpetweed, Cheeseweed, Common ragweed, Evening primrose, Fiddleneck, Filaree, Fireweed, Florida pusley, Gasinoga, Golden Ragwort, Groundsel, Horse purslane, Knotweed, Lambsquarters, Liverwort, Little mallow, Oxalis, Smartweed, Redroot pigweed, Pineapple-weed, Prickly lettuce, Purslane, London rocket, Niruri, Desert rockpurslane, Sensitive plant, Shepherdspurse, Speedwell, Spiny amaranth, Spotted catsear, Spurge, Swinecress, Virginia buttonweed and Yellow woodsorrel.

    Rate & Coverage:
    2.25 to 3.44 lbs. per 1000 sq. ft.
    *Always refer to the actual product label for specific rates, instructions, and cautions.

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  • Always refer to actual product label for specific rates, instructions, and cautions.

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