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Fore 80WP contains the active ingredient Mancozeb a speciality fungicide with a broad-spectrum of disease control and prevention. Fore is a contact material so optimum control is achieved when it is applied in a regularly scheduled preventative spray program. The addition of a spreader sticker will improve fungicide performance by providing a more uniform spray deposit, and improved fungicide retention during periods of wet weather.

Controls many turf diseases including: melting out, rust, copper spot, fusarium blight, red thread, slime mold, dollar spot, pythium blight, brown patch, snow mold, gray leaf spot and algae.

Ornamental diseases include: botrytis, rust, leaf spots, anthracnose, scab, cercospora, entomosporium, cylindrosporium, alternaria, petal blight, needle cast, pine gall rust, scirrhia brown spot, ascochyta blight, cedar apple rust, alternaria leaf spot, and many more.

Rate: turf rates typically 4 to 8 ozs. per 1000 sq. ft. for ornamental plants 1.5lbs. per 100 gallons of water or approximately 1.5 tbl. per gallon.

Always refer to actual product label for specific rates, instructions, and cautions.

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