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Gallery 75DF provides preemergence control for certain broadleaf weeds as they germinate in any turfgrass site. It can also be used in and around field and container nurseries, established landscape ornamentals and ornamental gardens, groundcovers, nonbearing fruit and nut trees. Gallery 75 DF controls weeds as they germinate, but will not control established weeds. Therefore, areas to be treated should be free of established weeds. Apply Gallery 75 DF in late summer to early fall, in early spring, or anytime prior to germination of target weeds, or immediately after cultivation.

Weeds controlled, suppressed or prevented: aster, bursage, burweed, wild celery, chickweed, clover, cudweed, fiddleneck, filaree, fleabane, groundcherry, henbit, horseweed, knotweed, lambsquarters, mallow, mustardm nightshade, pepperweed, pigweed, pineappleweed, plantain, purslane, wild radish, ragweed, London rocket, shepherdspures, sibara, smartweed, sowthistle, speedwell, Russian thistle, bittercress, brass buttons, wild carrot, dandelion, galinsoga, geranium, ladysthumb, prickley lettuce, marestail, mayweed, morningglory, pennywort, sida, sorrel, spurge, sweet clover, tansymustard, velvetleaf, woodsorrel, burclover, eveningprimrose, groundsel, jimsonweed, kochia, black medic, turkey mullein, bristley oxtongue, scarlet pimpernil, sunflower, field bindweed, swinecress, carpetweed and burning nettle.

Rates and combinations: 1/4 to .5 oz. per 1000 sq. ft.

Always refer to actual product label for specific rates, instructions, and cautions.

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