N-90 Nonionic Adjuvant

Classification: Nonionic Wetting Agent

N-90 is a nonionic all-purpose, non-flammable 90% active spreader, activator and penetrant. Provides optimum wetting and spreading of agricultural chemical at low usage rates. Usage of N-90 will vary with different spray and methods of application and water hardness conditions. Use only the minimum amount to achieve a smooth uniform film.

Rate: For insecticides and fungicides 1teaspoon to as much as 2.5 tbls. per 4 gallons of mixed spray. For herbicides 1teaspoon to as much as 5 ozs. per 4 gallons of mixed spray.

N-90 Nonionic Adjuvant8 ounce bottle

N-90 Nonionic Adjuvant1 quart

N-90 Nonionic Adjuvant1 gallon


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