Oakfield Soil Probes

Oakfield Soil Probe Model BOakfield Soil Probe Model BOakfield line of soil sampling equipment has been used by professional for over forty years. Oakfield Soil Samplers are made of multi-plated steel to resist abrasive action of soil, are built for hard use under all kinds of conditions and in all types of soils. Each part is carefully machined and constructed to be completely adaptable in any combination of units. The 3 ft. tube kit contains: 12" handle 2 @ 12" extension rods 12" tube with replaceble screw on tip 13" heavy fiberboard case

Oakfield Soil Probe Model HOakfield Soil Probe Model HThis model contains:
1 18" tube with replaceable screw on tip
1 8" handle
1 19" heavy fiberboard case


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