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Avid EC is a new and uniquely different product for the control of harmful spider mites on flowers and woody ornamentals. Abamectin, the active ingredient of Avid is a natural product produced by a soil microorganism. It is chemically unrelated to any other miticide or insecticide. Avid has a unique mode of action and in trials was effective against mites resistant to the other classes of insecticides.

Avid in non phytotoxic at the recommended dose rate on virtually all varieties tested, and has not produced discoloration even when applied directly to open flowers. Avid leaves no visible residue, but provides a reservior of long lasting activity within the leaf.

Common Rose Pests Controlled: Mites

Other Uses:
Controls leaf miners and mites on ornamental plants.

Rates & Combination:
1 tsp per 4 gal water. Can be combined with other pesticides to broaden control.

Always refer to actual product label for specific rates, instructions, and cautions.

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