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Monterey Horticultural Oil has the lowest toxicity level of any pesticide on the market. It is considered an organic pesticide. Oils work primarily by smothering, or asphyxiating, the insects and mites. Unlike many standard pesticides, oils have the added advantage of killing eggs of many pests by smothering them. The only insects killed, though, are those that are in direct contact with the oil. Oils have very little residual action, however they can repel insects from moving in, feeding or laying eggs for up to two weeks. Fungicidal activity? Oil coatings on plants seem to interfere with the growth of some fungi. This is a short-lived protection however. Some researchers are adding baking soda to oil sprays, resulting in an effective insecticide and fungicide. So far, this has been shown to be effective for powdery mildew and black spot of roses. Don't try this yourself, though unless it's on the label it's not legal. So far, baking soda is not labeled as a pesticide ( see Armicarb 100).

Common Rose Pests Controlled:
Aphids, Bristly Rose Slug, Rose Leafhoppers, Scale, Thrips, Whiteflies & Mites.

Other uses:
Monterey Horticultural Oil is an organic alternative that be used on most fruits and vegetables, as a dormant spray and as a summer oil spray.

Rates & Combinations:
2.5 fl oz per gal. Can be used effectively in combination with other synthetic pesticides or insecticidal soap. When used in combination it acts as a spreader / sticker and as a penetrant.


Monterey Horticultural Oil1 gal.


Always refer to actual product label for specific rates, instructions, and cautions.

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