Terraguard SC

Label / MSDS

Terraguard SC ornamental fungicide is effective in controlling a variety of diseases on all ornamental plants growing in the following areas: greenhouses, shadehouses, nurseries, and interiorscapes. It provides excellent protectant activity and is most effective when applied prior tothe onset to disease following recommended rates. When not used in preventative programs, Terraguard SC can also be applied after disease symptoms appear and provide good eradicant activity.

Common diseases controlled, suppressed or prevented: Botrytis, Alternaria, Helminthosporium, Erysiphe, Oidium, Sphaerotheca, Puccinia, Gymnosporangium, Venturia, Thielaviopsis, Cylindrocladium, Fusarium and Rhizoctonia.

Rates and combinations: 4 to 16 ozs. per 100 gallons of water.

Always refer to actual product label for specific rates, instructions, and cautions. info@RoseCare.com

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